3. Dashboard ScreenΒΆ

After successful login, the user is taken to a dashboard screen that shows the current state of the user which may include:

  1. various scoring attributes
  2. the status of resources owned by the user (his/her inventory)
  3. the health status of the user (if required)
  4. list of active sessions - i.e. the sessions the user participated in
  5. list of notifications received by the user - say, new challenges etc. (or any other action items - generally non-core-loop related - say, profile housekeeping etc.)
  6. general game information - like current state of the leaderboard.

Items (a) - (d) are available via the “Get Profile Details” API call from the “User Profile” module.

Item (e) would be available via the polling loop calling the “Get Notifications” API as discussed above.

Item (f) - leaderboards - are available via the “Get Leaderboards” API from the “Leaderboards” module. Both general as well as user-specific leaderboards are provided by the “Leaderboards” module. User-specific leaderboards provide more context - like the user’s own rank, the ranks of the user’s friends that are playing the game (if using social login).

If the user has logged in via a social platform (FB/G+), you MAY want to fetch the user’s friend-list/social graph at this point in the background. This may help in the next screen where the user can create a new session against a friend in a multi-player game. The API to use for this is “Get Friend-list” from the “Social Graph” module.

If you provide a way to the user to close/terminate/kill an existing session, you’d need to call the “Close Session” API from the “Sessions” module passing the corresponding session id. There is another variant of the same API available that allows you to close multiple sessions in a single API call - “Bulk Close Sessions”. Please refer to the API reference docs for more details.

The dashboard screen may also have additional components that help in profile administration tasks like:

  • sending/requesting gifts
  • listing achievements and claiming/unlocking achievements (to be designed and implemented)

We cover “Gifts” details screen in Gifts Screen.