This module provides the ability to connect users across different social media - like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Most of the currently deployed social media APIs work with some form of access tokens - naturally, if we have to integrate with these social media using their APIs, we also need to use the tokens issued by them. Hence, the first necessary step to use the social module is to acquire an access token from the social media and submit the same to the Playblazer platform - which can then internally use the APIs of the respective social media to:

  • Fetch the user’s social graph(s)
  • Post activity of the user on behalf of the user
  • Post messages to other users on behalf of the user

Naturally, the user should have granted the needed permissions to the application - which are then encoded in the access token issued by the social media platform.

Right now, the main focus is integration with Facebook. However, the API is designed to be generic enough so that adding support for other social media platforms like twitter, google+ should be possible without much effort.

To make it less error-prone and more flexible, this module is actually split up in two separate components which are outlined below: