API Description

As mentioned in introduction above, the API is based on simple HTTP model - with parameters passed as part of query-string (when using the GET method of access) or as part of body with “x-www-form-urlencoded” encoding (when using the POST/PUT/DELETE method of access).

The API design tries to adhere to the industry norm of RESTful URLs wherever possible - however, as of now, we don’t yet support introspection abilities. For more details on RESTful URLs, please check:

The API comprises of simple HTTP URLs for various resources and actions. The URLs can be split into two segments:

  1. Per-installation base URL
  2. script URL for specific resource or action handler

The base URL remains the same for a particular installation of the game - so, we include it in the following documentation in the form of a variable - {BASE_URL}.

Most of the API calls can generate output in different formats - formats like JSON, XML etc. The developer can specify the output format (with a default pre-configured if none specified) as a parameter in each of the API calls below. This allows the developers to re-use existing libraries that are available within their application development platform of choosing and therefore, Playblazer can support various types of front-ends to be developed.

Each application that is created within the platform gets an application ID associated with it along with a secret key. These are required parametersin each of the API calls so that the platform can verify that the API call comes from an identified application before handing over the required data to the application.

All input parameters to each API call should be URL-encoded.

Interactive tool to try out the APIs

We have deployed an interactive tool to test various APIs outlined in this document. It can be accessed at the following URL:


where APP_ID and SECRET_KEY are the app id and secret key issued when you register an application with the Playblazer Platform. These are the same that you use to access actual APIs below as well.

Please note that this API console application is still very much work-in-progress.